Monday, July 31, 2006


About Seoul - (2) Cheonggye stream

(2) Seoul - Cheonggye Stream

In the middle of Seoul, we have beautiful stream, Cheonggyecheon(5,840m). The Cheonggyecheon was restored about 1 year ago. Until one year ago, it had been covered with the blacktop road, in other words, it had been more than 10-lane road for cars.
But x-Mayor of Seoul made the decision to restore it for Seoul against lots of objections. (There was much concerns for causing the traffic jam..)

How abou the result?
I think it was totally successful! really amasing to citizen of Seoul. I love it. I'm crazy to take a walk in the Cheonggyecheon.

Moreover Cheonggye has always lots of differnet works and exhibitions, so it has many kinds of mood and faces.
Last week there were formative arts like the photos, with my understanding, 'Flying Fishes'. Amasing!
Seeing them from below made me to have an illusion that I was in the water. *^^* It was Cooooool~~~

Just beside the Cheonggyecheon there is the memorable Bar, TEXAS. *^^*
It has more than 70 kinds of international beers(not many but that's OK. ^^) and liberal atmosphere. It has my precious memories with friends... (*^^*) Since then, whenever I go to Cheonggyecheon, I used to have beers.

Enjoy the Cheonggyecheon with Beers!

Sunday, July 30, 2006


About Seoul - (1) Insadong

(1) Insadong - Korean Traditional Street
Insadong is located in the middle of Seoul, and is very convenient to visit by public transportation like bus and subways.
Insadong is very special place and street for not only Koreans but also foreigners, because it has been represented old and original Korea with thousands of traditional goods and arts.
There are lots of Korean traditional restaurants, teahouses, gallaries, etc.
The first photo shows you the traditional restaurant as an example. I like these kinds of wooden style houses and traditional patterns. I think the patterns(seems like layered-semicircles)is derived form the design of Korean traditional tiles, GIWA.

Moreover I believe the one of the most valuable experiences in Insadong could be the Korean FOOD. At the restaurants of Insadong we can enjoy lots of Korean traditional food with Korean artistic dishes and decorations. Of course they help the taste of food.*(^0^)* Even though you are foreigner, don't worry about ordering. Because you will be served the menu with photos or English descriptions in Insadong. ^^*

Lately the four-floor gallery, Ssam-zie-gil, was established in Insadong. This building looks very unique like second photo, and it has about 40 shops for traditional and modern atrs both. We don't need to go up and down the stairs, because this building was designed in the form of spiral-like stairs. Just walk, and then you will go up and down! ^^;

Seeing those shops and perfomances is very interesting and unusual, so there are always crowded with visitors.
Gallary Ssamziegil often hold many collections and exhibitons for young artists. So we can enjoy the other kinds of works and modeling in this gallery always.

Don't miss a good opportunity to visit Insadong!

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Extremely Foggy Vacation to JEJU - 2nd Day

2nd day???? Extremely foggy.... we couldn't see anything except under our nose somethings. (@.@)
The below photo was taken in the balconi of hotel room, Hmm.... it was EXTREMELY foggy. too bad..
Why did we choose the ocean-view room with expensive charge? (T.T;)
The below is the one of the most beautiful waterfalls in JEJU, it is called the "Cheonjiyeon Falls".
Even though it's size is not quite big, but it has its own beautiful and great figure.
The next one is the "Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak". It is most famouse place for seeing the magnificent sunrise all the times, especially ifor the celebration for the New year.
Imagine the full scene to the top of the peak in this photo, it will be fantastic. But I couldn't see from the bottom of the peak because of the fogm I hate it. ^^*
The last photo - the BEST DRIVE COURSE in KOREA
Very Luckily, when we arrived the rain stopped and removed the fog at that time. So I was able to get the remarkable photo there. I hope I will go there again in winter, maybe with snow it will be grand sight. ^^~
Haaaa~~~ the sight is fascinating, even though I see it now in photo.

Friday, July 21, 2006


1st Day in JEJU - Teddy Bear Museum

This is the Teddy bear Museum in JEJU island. *^^*
There were hundres of cute bears, for example the original very expensive teddy bears from 1920.
With my memory, it(the work in the above photo) was the work for the 2006 worldcup in German. *^^*
Can you notice? ^.*~
It's the imitation of 'Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear(Vincent van Gogh)'.

(Left) the imitation for president Abraham Lincoln)

(RIght) the imitaion for Korean traditional wedding couple.. So cute~~~★


Extremely Foggy Vacation to JEJU - 1st Day

We got the very early summer Vacation in this year. Frankly speaking, I needed some break from the works, otherwise I didn't handle anything for a while. (Because of lots of stress from works and pepole -.-;)
We had been in beautiful JEJU island for 3 three days. (it's the southernmost in Korea.)
JEJU island is similar to HAWAII in mood and circumstances. *^^*
The sea of JEJU is really jade green and blue like a jewel. It's always fantastic.
But in this vacation we could not enjoy JEJU fully due to the huge typhoon 'EWINIAR', it made the cancellation of our original flight to JEJU. (We had to wait a full day. -.-;)
Then the weather in JEJU during my vacation was terrible, I mean it was too foggy.(especially in the 2nd day, it was worst.) But fortunately in 1st day we could see(just see^^) the sea and the other sceneries.
Can you feel the JEJU's sea in above photo??

DolHarubang is the mascot of JEJU island. "Dolharubang" is the JEJU dialect with meaning of 'grandfather made by stone'. We have the traditional story in it.

If someone touch and rub its nose, he or she will give a birth to a boy. *^___^*

to be continued.......

Friday, July 14, 2006


ORC workshop in Nature

ORC - Ontology Research Center
The member of ORC were Sam, 3 other professors, 3 INEK experts and me. (*^^*) ORC was established just a year ago. Since then we had the regular meetings once a month hardly, even though all members were seriously quite busy.

For the first time & Finally, we made the decision to have the workshop outside in summer. In the capacity of secretary of ORC I decided the location for workshop. I thought it should be the most beautiful, nice and quiet. We(of course including me ^^) need good and enough rest in nature and some free-time to talk each other casually. ^___^ - It was my choice. ^^;
The Bench House is in Gangwon-do where it has many beautiful mountains and valleys in Korea.(you can see the place in the below map. It's the right side form Seoul.) Nowadays in Gangwon-do, hundres of luxury Pensions are opening, so we can enjoy the nature with high-quality service. (However I'm afraid that too many building-permission of pensions will damage the nature. Unfortunately it became to real more and more.)

Most Koreans go to Gangwon-do for enjoying the Nature and Mountains. It's the one of my best recommendations for travel in Korea!

We had great time like the picture as we enjoy the stream and Valle, moreover we were able to have small fishing.(with the discussion for Ontology and the future planning of IRC. (^0*~) The deep gray-colored shirt in the picture (which the man who took the photo wore) means the concept of Topic Maps, so it speaks for we had serious & deep conversation for ontology at that time. !^^! BELIEVE OR NOT!)

It was great!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Change of Woman is guiltlessness?

I changed my hair style 2 weeks ago.

Some of my colleague told me I looked like a LEGO-doll.(That was because of bang-style. ^^) Sometimes this syle made me strange and odd, maybe still I was unfamiliar with this.

I believe sometimes(or more often) we(I mean, most women) change our looking when we want to express our mental change. So did I.

Monday, June 26, 2006


It's Ridiculous!!!

I can not, do not want to believe the decision.
Even though there are still some other views on Korea VS Swiss game, I think this kind of situation should not happen in the WORLD CUP!
Why do we need the a sub-referee?
Who will take the responsibility?
How about our Korean team's desperate efforts?

Did the chief referee of this game(Horacio Marcelo Elizondo) want to show his special thanks to Joseph S. Blatter(the chairman of FIFA) for giving the chance to act as chief referee in the opening game?

Thank you, Advocaat!

Thank you, Korean team(Taekuk Worriors)!

You did really good job, we will never forget your fighting spirit(鬪魂)!

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